Annual Membership

Annual membership is open to anyone. Membership is $25 per year. Membership funds are applied to supporting our annual DPS Museum Day as well as the creation of new exhibits. Membership is tax deductible as provided by law and renewable each January.

  • Members receive a membership card.
  • Special updates on the status and activities of the Museum.
  • Access to our special gallery of video and photos (Open in Summer 2017).
Basic Membership DPS Museum
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Lifetime Membership

A contribution of $300 or more entitles the member to a life membership. Membership is tax deductible as provided by law. A Lifetime member receives:

  • Special membership card
  • Lifetime recognition for our building projects.
Lifetime Membership
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One-Time Gift

The Museum welcomes one-time gifts of money. Gifts enable us to work on special projects to advance the objectives of the Museum. Our current projects include: 1) restoring a Ford Mustang trooper vehicle; 2) creating new exhibits; 3) hosting DPS Museum Day.