Without you, the Texas Department of Public Safety Historical Museum and Research Center would not exist.

DPS Museum would not exisit without members
— Barbara Hinesley, Executive Director


  • Preserve and present the history, evolution and development of the Department

  • Educate the community on the roles, functions and contributions of the Department

  • Foster better relations with the community through positive interaction

  • Promote an understanding of police work to increase public awareness

  • Support departmental recruitment efforts

  • Strengthen pride in law enforcement accomplishments


  • Meeting rooms for DPS and other law enforcement with dais and A/V equipment

  • Research library with computers, books, documents and research materials

  • Reception area

  • Mobile phone app

  • Display areas depicting every facet of the Department’s operations

  • Administrative offices and work area

  • Gift shop 


  • Build museum infrastructure in downtown location to house an expanding collection and reach more people

  • Develop larger membership and conduct an annual membership meeting

  • Pursue grants to assist in achieving goals

  • Develop strategic partnerships with related organizations

  • Preserve organizational history to maintain the story of the Department for future generations

  • Tell the Texas DPS story

DPS Museum letter 2018 for web.png